One-year-old Melissa Highsmith was last seen on August 23, 1971 in Fort Worth, Texas. Her mother left her in the care of a woman who called herself "Ruth Johnson."

At 7:30am, Ruth arrived at the Spanish Gate Apartments where Melissa and her mother resided at. Mrs. Highsmith left for work and Ruth met her roommate instead.

Ruth took Melissa, some diapers and Melissa's pink dress and white sandals. When Melissa wasn't returned to the apartment by 8:00 that evening, her mother contacted authorities.

Ruth Johnson has never been seen again and it's likely that "Ruth Johnson" isn't the woman's real name after all. The police believe that Melissa was abducted by someone who wanted to raise a child, but it's not proven.

Melissa's parents had divorced in 1971 and the father lived in Illinois. They got back together and raised three children before divorcing again in 1998.

In 2005, Melissa's case was re-opened at the request of her sister, but her case remains unsolved.

If you have any information about Melissa's case, contact the Fort Worth Police Department or the Texas Department of Public Safety.

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