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Four-year-old Michelle was last seen in the Barrio Jauca neighborhood of Santa Isabel, Puerto Rico on May 2, 1992. She was visiting her grandparents at the time and was apparently abducted while playing in a neighbor's front yard at approximately 8:00p.m. at night.

It's been established that Michelle was in the company of a family acquaintance sometime after her disappearance. The individual has since returned to Puerto Rico, but Michelle has not been located.

It's believed that Michelle may be in a Puerto Rican community in Massachusetts, New York, or Florida. Michelle's family has ties to those regions of the country and she might also be in the Dominican Republic.

Michelle's case remains unsolved. She was last seen wearing a blue shirt and denim skirt. Her upper front teeth were deformed at the time of her disappearance and formed an open half-circle when biting. She speaks English and Spanish. She is described as an intellgent, playful, and affectionate child who loved riding her bicycle and playing outside.

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