6-year-old Morgan Nick was last seen at a little league baseball game in Alma, Arkansas on June 9, 1995. Morgan attended the baseball game with her mother and a couple of other friends. Two of Morgan's friends wanted Morgan to catch fireflies with them. Her mother, Colleen, said no at first, but then changed her mind. At 10:30 pm, Colleen let Morgan go to play with her friends. At 10:45 pm, when the baseball game was over, the two girls returned to the game without Morgan.

One of the two girls said that Morgan was emptying sand out of her shoes near the family car. When Colleen went to the car, Morgan had disappeared. Colleen began worrying of her daughter since Morgan is afraid of the dark. One of the coaches asked Colleen what was going on and said that Morgan had been abducted. The coach asked Morgan's friend if they knew what happened to her. One of the girls remembered seeing a "creepy man" who talked to Morgan. He is about six feet tall, 180 pounds, and age between 25 through 38 years old. The suspect drives a red Ford pickup truck with a white camper.

Morgan's case was on Unsolved Mysteries, and America's Most Wanted. In June 9, 2005, ten years after Morgan's abduction, Colleen and her two other children Logan and Taryn, applied to Extreme Makeover Home Edition, since the water heater exploded in their old home. If Morgan is still alive, she'd be 31 years old today. Her case has a connection to other missing children cases.

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