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Thirteen-year-old Myron was last seen walking to his grandparents' house with his mom in Phoenix, Arizona on July 27, 1988. His grandparents' home was located approximately one-half block away from his home.

Myron was carrying a bag of dirty laundry which he planned to wash at his grandparents' house. He stopped at OK Fish-N-Chips (which was located on 16th St. and Southern Avenue) to get a soft drink while his mother went ahead. He was last seen around 6:00pm outside the stand after getting a soda and hasn't been heard from since.

Authorities say that his mother's former boyfriend was the only suspect in Myron's disappearance. He has never been charged in connection with the case due to lack of evidence. He was one of 4 witnesses that saw Myron at OK Fish-N-Chips on the night he disappeared.

Myron's aunt says that one of the man's arms was in a sling shortly after Myron disappeared, but the man claimed he got the injury from a dog-bite.

Investigators also say that the boyfriend was involved with drugs in 1988 and theorized that Myron confronted the boyfriend about his lifestyle after seeing him at OK Fish-N-Chips and was killed shortly after.

In 1991, investigators received a letter that claimed Myron was buried on private property near 24th Street and Jones Avenue in Phoenix, but a search of the location showed no evidence regarding his case.

Authorities think that Myron was killed and buried near the place he was last seen at. Myron's case remains unsolved and in 2002, his mother died (fourteen years after his disappearance).

Myron has a half-inch scar on the right side of his head and was last seen wearing a red & white striped shirt, blue & white print shorts and white sneakers.

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