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Fifteen-year-old Rachael was last seen at a Rowes Corner Market on Route 108 in Newton, New Hampshire between 9:00 and 9:30pm on March 22, 1980. After she paid $5.00 for a pack of cigarettes she left the store heading North toward North Main Street.

Rachael was a regular customer at the store. She was planning to spend the night at a friend's house in the 50th block of North Main Street, but never made it there.

Rachael was a 9th grader at Sanborn Regional High at the time of her disappearance and was the oldest of four children. In her free time, Rachael often walked the quarter-mile down to Rowe's Corner Market, looking for some excitement. Sometimes she went to the hill across from Maple Avenue, a place where local teens often congregated.

Rachael's parents called the police station at about 10:00a.m. the next morning to report their daughter missing. Her mother said that she knew right away something was seriously wrong when Rachael did not return to the family's small cape on Main Street.

Rachael was considered a runaway by police in the first months after her disappearance, but with a population barely over 3,000 people at the time, Newton, New Hampshire had only one full-time police officer.

Rachael was described as a headstrong and rebellious teenager, fun-seeking and outspoken. She often resented watching her siblings and complained to her friends about her parents' rules. Sometimes, Rachael skipped school to drink alcohol and smoke with other teens in the woods near Maple Avenue.

Over the years, police investigators have checked numerous leads including possible sightings, talked with people who knew her, worked with psychics, used dogs and excavated sites looking for remains.

Rachael left behind her horse, her dental retainer and other possessions. Her parents have consulted psychics and hired private investigators to no avail.

Years later, at least two witnesses reported seeing Rachael talking to three young men in a dark car in the vicinity of Rowe's Market and Maple Avenue. Rachael was known to have associated with the young men before.

After Rachael went missing, one of the men confessed to murdering her and police dug up a site off Route 108 to look for her remains, but they weren't there and it's unknown whether any of the men were responsible in Rachael's case.

Rachael was last seen wearing jeans; a two-tone blue ski jacket; plaid shirt with silver threads; and brown lace-up shoes. She was carrying a tote bag with the word "Things" on its side. 

Rachael had orthodontic work: three fillings and her four "wisdom" teeth removed prior to the orthodontic work.

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