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Her mother Laura admits this began when Raina stormed out after a fight. She was on foot, without a phone, or even shoes.  She called a friend a day later. It was traced to the Travelodge Motel on Edgewater Drive and West 117th. Her mom says the clerk recognized Raina's picture immediately. "She said she'd come to the desk Monday morning very disoriented, not knowing where she was, not knowing what time it was. She had to question where she was. Was it day or night? In the company of an older black male," said Laura Bennett. Lakewood and Cleveland police are now involved, and her family says they shared suspicions about the man she was with. "That he was not your fine upstanding citizen -- that he was sought out by many people and the belief was that they were pimping her out," said Bennett.

Bennett was found


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