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Cecilia Newball

Six-year-old Rene was last seen in Los Angeles, California on September 20, 1994 with his mother, Cecilia Newball (who was 8 months pregnant at the time).

Rene and Cecilia lived in an apartment on Lassen Street with Cecilia's husband, Alfredo Newball, who is Rene's stepfather. Cecilia and Alfredo had been married for a year prior to her disappearance & Alfredo and Rene had a good relationship with each other.

Alfredo last saw Cecilia in their apartment writing thank you notes for gifts that she received at a recent baby shower. When Alfredo came home from work, he saw Cecilia's car parked in the street instead of their apartment building's secure parking lot. When Alfredo went inside the apartment, Cecilia and Rene were gone.

There was a generic store-bought goodbye card signed "Cecilia" inside Cecilia's Jeep along with her wedding and engagement rings which were placed on the passenger seat. Rene and Cecilia have not been seen since. They did not take any belongings including Rene's glasses or any clothes.

Three days after Rene and Cecilia disappeared, Alfredo received a letter postmarked Van Nuys, California. Inside the envelope was a goodbye card identical to the one in Cecilia's car and a typewritten letter signed with Cecilia's name.

The letter stated that Cecilia had taken up with a doctor named Arturo and she & Rene were moving to Honduras with him. The letter also said that Arturo was possibly the father of Cecilia's unborn child.

Police don't believe that the letter was from Cecilia and they believe that Alfredo knows more about Cecilia and Rene's disappearances than he's disclosed, but Alfredo maintains his innocence and believes that they left voluntarily.

Foul play is suspected in both Rene and Cecilia's cases. Rene's top teeth were missing at the time of his disappearance.

Cecilia's friends stated that there were no problems in Cecilia & Alfredo's marriage and they don't believe that she would leave without warning. She was on maternity leave from her job as a customer service representative at the time of her disappearance.

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