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Three-year-old Reuben disappeared on May 6, 1996 in Clinton, Maryland after being abducted by his non-custodial father, Reuben Bennett Blackwell Sr. Reuben Sr. and his wife, Deborah Tinsley Blackwell were still married at the time, but they were having marital problems & Deborah stated that Reuben Sr. was verbally abusive.

A week before Reuben was abducted, Reuben Sr. became violent and threw items around the house and at Deborah.

On the morning of May 6, 1996, Deborah sent Reuben to daycare and then called the police for assistance. The police suggested that the Blackwells should get an ex-parte order which would require Reuben Sr. to leave the house for ten days and after this period was up, Reuben Sr. and Deborah would go before a judge to try to work out their dispute.

Deborah obtained the order, but she asked the sherrif not to serve it until the next day because it was Reuben Sr's turn to pick up their son from daycare. Reuben Sr. picked up Reuben from daycare and went to Deborah's mother's home where the sheriff issued the ex-parte order. There was a confrontation and Reuben Sr. fled with Reuben. This happened while Deborah was at work and when she went home that day, her husband and son were gone.

Reuben Sr. was driving a blue 1993 Volvo 940 sedan. Reuben Sr. has threatened to harm himself and his son. After he and Reuben disappeared, Reuben Sr. sent a letter to Deborah describing funeral arrangements for himself and Reuben. There is a felony warrant out for Reuben Sr.'s arrest on charges of kidnapping and a federal warrant for unlawful flight to avoid prosecution was issued on September 22, 2000.

Reuben Sr. and Reuben's whereabouts are unknown & caution is advised when approaching them due to the circumstances involved.

Reuben goes by his middle name, Bennett and Reuben Sr's hair is graying at the temples.

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