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Two-year-old Richard was visiting his paternal grandparents' home on August 31, 1982. They lived on Hillcrest Farms, an egg and dairy farm in the Grangeville, Idaho area.

The farm was seven miles north of Grangeville and encompassed 700 acres. Richard had been staying there for a couple of weeks with his father; his mother was in southern Idaho.

Richard was last seen sitting in a hay wagon in front of one of the chicken barns while dozens of workers were unloading a delivery of chickens. He has never been heard from again.

His family began searching for Richard only fifteen minutes later, but no one found any clues as to his whereabouts and called the police at 10:30 a.m. Bloodhounds tracked his scent to a fence line on the northwest part of the farm, then lost the trail. An extensive four-day search of the farm (which involved 250 volunteers) turned up no sign of him.

Richard's grandparents, Waldo and Martha McChoard were suspects in his disappearance for almost two decades afterward.

Martha reportedly acted oddly and although she took a polygraph exam, the results were inconclusive. She and Waldo disliked Richard's mother and had wanted someone else to raise Richard. It was theorized they had secretly placed him in an underground adoption ring.

In May of 2001, Martha took another polygraph, passed it and was cleared of an involvement in Richard's case. Waldo also agreed to take another polygraph, but he died before the exam could take place.

Another theory is that one of the temporary workers at the farm was involved in Richard's disappearance, but police could find no evidence to implicate any of them.

Richard's parents live in Oregon and his mother has been active in the search for him. As of 2019, his disappearance remains unsolved.

Description[edit | edit source]

Richard is described as a Caucasian male with brown hair, hazel eyes, is 3'0 and weighs 32 pounds. He has a hairline scar over his left eye and a mark below that eye.

He had hip braces on both of his legs to correct a bowlegged condition which were removed six months prior to his disappearance.

Richard was last seen wearing red & blue coveralls, a pajama top and cowboy boots. His nickname is "Ricky."

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