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Eight-year-old Rima Traxler was last seen walking approximately two blocks from her family's residence in Longview, Washington on May 15, 1985.

She was returning home from St. Helen's Elementary School at the time. She stopped to show a neighbor an art project she made at school & then continued walking towards her family's residence. Rima never arrived at her house and has not been seen again.

Joseph Kondro (a close friend of Rima's family) was driving to a local store to buy beer and cigarettes shortly before Rima was last seen. He was questioned by authorities during their initial 1985 investigation into Rima's disappearance, but there was no evidence linking Joseph to her case at the time.

Rima's case remained unsolved until Joseph was charged with the 1997 abduction and murder of another young girl in the Longview, Washington area. He agreed to a deal with prosecutors in 1999 which allowed him to confess to murdering both Rima and the other child while avoiding the death penalty.

Joseph was sentenced to a 55-year prison term instead. He stated that he knew the password that Rima's mother had given to her "unicorn" and used it to abduct her in 1985.

Joseph said he took Rima to a swimming hole on Germany Creek in Longview and strangled her. He claimed he buried her in a shallow grave near the location. Investigators searched the area in 1999, but were unable to locate any sign of Rima's body.

Joseph has called himself a "psychopath" in interviews with the media and said that he deserves to die for his crimes.

Rima has a light-colored mark across her right shoulder blade. She has a half-inch scar under her chin. Her hair was down to the middle of her back at the time she disappeared. She was last seen wearing a pink shirt, plaid tan skirt, white tights, dark brown clogs and a rainbow-colored barrette in her hair.

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