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Fifteen-year-old Rosemary was last seen working her part-time job at Dane's Country Store in Danevang, Texas on November 24, 1990. She called her mom between 7:00 and 7:35pm that evening from the store and the conversation ended when Rosemary stated a customer had arrived.

Customers discovered that the store was abandoned shortly after Rosemary contacted her mom, the store was unlocked, the TV was turned on inside, her car, radio and other belongings (including her purse) were at the store, but there was no sign of Rosemary and she hasn't been seen since.

Authorities believe that Rosemary didn't leave on her own. She was an honor student and was excited because her older sister was bringing her baby for Rosemary to meet for the first time.

Investigators determined that the only possible evidence of a struggle inside the store was a soda machine that had been moved three to four inches from its normal resting spot and a small dent on a filing cabinet. The cash register was found closed and no money or store merchandise was missing.

Robbery was evidently not the motive for Rosemary's possible abduction. She had only been working at the store for only a few weeks prior to her disappearance and was described as an ideal employee.

Rosemary had a small scar on the left side of her forehead. She speaks fluent Spanish and has a loud, distinctive voice with no Spanish accent. She sucks her thumb and often twists her hair around her fingers while she speaks.

She was last seen wearing a black shirt, faded blue jeans, black canvas slip-on shoes, a long gold necklace and gold pendant with an imprinted image of the Virgin Mary and an amethyst ring. She enjoys listening to Spanish music, plays the flute, didn't wear make-up and was very active in the Catholic faith.

Rosemary resided in El Campo, Texas and was a sophomore at El Campo High School. Her family says that she was extremely close to them and wouldn't have left voluntarily.

Remains believed to be Rosemary’s were discovered in a shallow grave in Wharton County in 2015.

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