Sarah went missing on her way to school on Tuesday, September 14, 2010 in Throgs Neck in New York City. The 11-year-old black female's school never called her parents.

So, precious hours were lost in the search. A Bronx man named Dawud McKelvin sent her pictures of his genitalia on a cell phone that was her grams thinking it was hers. On September 3 she went missing and was found with McKelvin at that time. He was arrested and released ROR for the pictures. He claims not to know where the child is. Police should have tailed McKelvin after he was released by the judge. He might have led them to Sahara. We need to find her before this perv does something unspeakable to her. If you have any information as to Sahara's whereabouts, please contact the Bronx Police Department.

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