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Sixteen-year-old Sandra Kay Powell was last seen in South Bend, Indiana on March 11, 1987 (four days before her seventeenth birthday). She and a friend went out together and became separated and Sandra has never been heard from again.

Sandra's friend stated that Sandra had a phone conversation with an unknown person the night before her disappearance, but the friend did not hear what the conversation was about. Her friend stated that Sandra had not indicated any plans to run away. She did not take any of her belongings or money when she went missing.

In 1986 (one year before her disappearance), Sandra testified at a murder trial after witnessing the shooting of one of her friends. A suspect was convicted in the killing and is still in prison. She was threatened afterwards by an unidentified person, as were several of the other witnesses in the trial. Authorities are uncertain whether her disappearance is related to the trial.

Shortly before her disappearance, the father of Sandra's baby told her that he was marrying someone else which upset Sandra very much.

One of Sandra's friends thought she saw her on the television show "Soul Train." Law enforcement attempted to obtain a videotape of the show, but they never got one. It has never been verified whether or not the woman on the film was Sandra.

Another tipster stated that Sandra was an actress in adult films and her relatives watched several pornographic films to investigate this, but never saw her.

Authorities stated they had not received any credible tips about Sandra's disappearance in years. Her dental records were never collected by the police and have since been lost which would seriously hinder the identification of her body if it was ever found.

Sandra lived with her mother on South Camden Street on the far West side of South Bend in 1987. She attended Washington High School. Her case was originally classified as a runaway case, but the classification was changed to Endangered Missing 15 years after her disappearance.

Sandra has black hair and brown eyes, several of her teeth are chipped, she has a scar on the right side of her neck and has pierced ears. She was approximately four months pregnant at the time of her disappearance.

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