Susan Robin Bender was a teenage girl who went missing under suspicious circumstances in 1986.


Susan left her family home to stay with friends. She was last seen at the former Greyhound bus depot on 10th Street and G Street in Modesto, making a call. She did not board a bus, but instead entered a unidentified persons car. The car is described as a Full-sized olive-green 1977 Ford van. A person Susan was staying with the day before was questioned, but later released due to a lack of evidence.

The "Speed Freak Killers"(Wesley Shermantine and Loren Herzog) are the main persons of interest in her disappearance. They are also the people of interest in 5 other disappearances.


  • She has freckles.
  • Pierced ears.


  • Light blue skirt with multi-colored dots.
  • Light-colored blouse.
  • White colored vest.
  • Gold bracelet.


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