Age-progressed picture of Tavish at 17 years old in 2010.

One-month old Tavish was admitted as a patient in the Hughes Spalding pediatric unit of Grady Memorial Hospital on Butler Street in Atlanta, Georgia on March 6, 1993. He underwent minor surgery over the weekend and was recuperating in a semi-private room in the ward during the early morning hours of March 9th.

Tavish was in the custody of the Department of Family and Children Services (or DCS) at the time. He was last seen when a nurse checked on him at 6:45 a.m. When his room was checked again 15 minutes later, he was gone.

Tavish's mother was being treated for schizophrenia in a mental institution at the time of his abduction and neither she nor other relatives were considered suspects in his disappearance. His mother was not even aware that Tavish was in the hospital at the time of his abduction.

The DCS had terminated her parental rights to Tavish's three siblings and was seeking to terminate her rights to Tavish as well when he disappeared. They had taken custody of Tavish when he was a week old and placed him with a foster family. His mother sued the hospital over her son's kidnapping in March of 1995 and the suit was settled out of court for $600,000.

Authorities stated that a woman who was pretending to be pregnant might have abducted Tavish in an attempt to raise a child. They speculated that she lived between 4 and 24 miles from the hospital, but no evidence supporting any theory has been recovered and Tavish's case remains unsolved.

Tavish had a quarter-inch surgical incision in his left buttock at the time of his disappearance. He was last seen wearing a white flower-print t-shirt and Grady Memorial Hospital tags around his wrist and ankle.

At the time of his abduction, Tavish was recuperating from minor surgery to treat an abscess and required continuing medical care to treat his condition.

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