Two-year-old Teekah was last seen at the New Frontiers Bowling Alley in Tacoma, Washington with her family on January 23, 1999.

She was playing a race-car video game in the arcade section of the bowling alley around 10:00 and 10:15pm. She was a few feet away from her family and six feet away from the bowling alley exit.

Her mother, Theresa English said she looked away for a moment and Teekah was gone. She hasn't been seen since.

Teekah was carrying a clear purse with a fish on it and an attached shoulder strap which contained Starburst candy during the time of her disappearance.

A witness at the Bowling Alley told police that a unidentified Pontiac Grand Am drove out of the parking lot the night Teekah disappeared. The car was possibly a late 80's\early 90's model with 4 doors, dark tinted windows, and a large spoiler.

Another witness claimed that a Caucasian male in his 30's with shoulder-length hair, facial pockmarks, moustache and a large nose possibly followed a child to the one of the bowling alley exits during the night of Teekah's disappearance, but it's unknown if the car or the man is connected at all to Teekah's case.

Teekah's family supported the creation of the "Teekah Lewis Bill" in Washington after Teekah's disappearance. The bill made a missing & exploited children's task force which allowed the Washington State Patrol to assist the police in missing child cases.

Two years after Teekah's disappearance, the body of a headless young African-American girl was found which was later discovered to be the body of 3-year-old missing child Erica Michelle Green in 2005.

Teekah is described as having a shy, quiet personality and loved eating Starbursts.

She was last seen wearing a green Tweety Bird sweatshirt or t-shirt, white sweatpants and black & white Air Jordan sneakers at the time of her disappearance. Her hair was pulled into ponytails along with red natural highlights in it and she had pierced ears.

Teekah is of African-American\Caucasian\Native-American descent and she has a large-sized birthmark on her left buttock and facial dimples. She has patches of discoloration on her face and left buttock due to eczema.

Teekah has asthma and requires medical attention as well as an inhaler or ventilator. She was receiving medical care at the time of her disappearance at the Indian Health Practioners, a nationwide clinic for Native Americans in Pulyallup, Washington.

If you have any information about Teekah's case, please contact the FBI or the Tacoma Police Department.

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