One-year-old Thomas is one of six children of Robert Estevis and his common-law wife, Maria Alejandrina Valverde. Maria also has a daughter from a prior relationship.

Thomas wasn't even born when his older six siblings were removed from their parents' home by Child Protective Services (CPS) due to drug use in the household. When Thomas was born, he tested positive for cocaine and was immediately taken from his parents and placed in foster care.

In December of 2007 after Robert and Maria had satisfied various CPS requirements, all seven of their children were reunited with them. In November of 2010, Robert was arrested for driving under the influence; one of his children was with him in the vehicle.

The police went to Maria's house to tell her and give the child to her & discovered her under the influence of drugs. Because of that, CPS took custody of the six children who were present in the house, but Thomas wasn't there. His parents said he was in Georgia with a relative.

In December of 2010, CPS became a Temporary Managing Conservator of all the children (including Thomas) and asked again where he was. His parents still claimed he was in Georgia, but there wasn't any evidence to verify this.

In January of 2011, Maria died. In October of that same year, CPS asked the court to dismiss their Temporary Managing Conservator of Thomas because he was never in their care.

They filed a missing persons report for Thomas in November. Authorities aren't sure about happened to Thomas. The exact date of his disappearance is unknown. His case remains unsolved.

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