Ten-year-old Tiahease Jackson was last seen on Forest Avenue in the New York City burrough of Staten Island on August 14, 1983.

She left the Mariner's Harbor Hotel at 1:30pm to purchase chicken wings for another resident of the hotel from the Crown Supermarket located in the 900 block of Richmond Avenue. Her mother was asleep at the time.

When she woke up at 4:30pm and realized that Tiahease had been missing for three hours, she notified the police.

A mentally-incompetent convicted sex offender named Andre Rand was considered a suspect in Tiahease's case. Tiahease disappeared 12 days after Andre was released. Andre Rand is considered a suspect in the disappearances of Alice Pereia, Henry Gafforio and Audrey Nerenberg.

In 1987, Andre was convicted of the murder of 12-year-old Jennifer Schweiger and in 2004 of the kidnapping of Holly Hughes. Although, Andre still maintains his innocence.

Tiahease, her mother and three siblings moved into the Mariner's Harbor Hotel on Forest Avenue after getting burned out of their apartment.

She was described as streetwise, wary and warned about strangers. She would go on errands sometimes with her sister or a friend, or sometimes alone.

Tiahease was last seen wearing a dark blue ski jacket with white trim on it, a white sweater, blue jeans, blue plastic mesh shoes, a gold necklace with a butterfly charm on it, a silver bangle bracelet on her left wrist and two purple combs in her hair. She has a burn scar on her left wrist and elbow.

Tiahease's left eye is lazy and turns inwards. She suffers from diabetes, high blood pressure and a kidney disorder called Bright's Disease that requires medication and treatment.

If you have any information about Tiahease's case, contact the New York City Police Department.

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