Timothy at 4 years old.

Timothy age-progressed to 31 years old.

Four-year-old Timothy Jacob Davison was last seen in Decatur, Illinois on October 15, 1985. Timothy went to the Brettwood Village Shopping Center with his aunt, Delany Davison.

She left Timothy unattended in her unlocked car around 2:00pm while he was asleep and went inside a grocery store located in the shopping center to shop. When Delany returned, he was gone.

In November of 1987, a deaf-mute child was found on the streets of Juarez, Mexico who was thought to be Timothy, but a comparison of footprints ruled him out. Police believe that Timothy may have been abducted.

Timothy was last seen wearing a light blue windbreaker, a black baseball cap, blue jeans and sneakers. His nickname is TJ and he has a speech impediment. He was a slow learner in 1985 and didn't know his own last name.

On April 3, 1987, Timothy's aunt, Cindy Lee Smith went missing from Winter Haven, Florida. Her case along with Timothy's is also unsolved, but the cases are not connected to each other.

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