Tionda Bradley

Diamond Bradley

Ten-year-old Tionda and three-year-old Diamond was last seen at their home in Chicago, Illinois on July 6, 2001.

Their mother, Tracey Bradley left for work at 6:30 a.m. and when she came home at 11:00 a.m., she noticed a note from Tionda, saying that she and Diamond planned to walk to a nearby school and a store.

Tionda was enrolled in summer school classes at Doolittle Elementary School at the time, but according to school officials, she was absent that day. Several neighborhood children stated that the girls were playing outside their home around 12:00 p.m. that afternoon and haven't been seen since.

Authorities stated that Tracey was very uncooperative regarding her daughters' disapperances and she voluntarily took a polygraph test, but she is not called a suspect in their case.

Some investigators theorized that Diamond and Tionda were taken by a Middle Eastern man who paid child support for one of the girls during the summer of 2001 when he learned he wasn't her father.

Authorities believe that Tionda and Diamond are deceased or taken out of the country. They also found a young girl who matched Diamond's description in 2001, who was lost, but Tracey refused to identify the girl and said that she wasn't Diamond. The girl was later returned to her family.

In late April of 2005, the remains of a girl in her early teens were found in an industrial area on the far South Side of Chicago which were believed to belong to Tionda, but they haven't been identified and are believed to be from a Hispanic or Caucasian girl.

Tionda normally wore her hair in long ponytails and was last seen wearing green ponytail holders in her hair. She has a quarter-sized burn on her left forearm and had a scrape on her left calf at the time of her disapperance. She was described as having a shy nature when dealing with strangers, she often used the term "Girl" a lot, pronounced "bye bye" as "baby bye" and her hobbies were dancing & running track.

Diamond normally wore her hair braided in the back with 4 ponytails and was last seen wearing violet & purple ponytail holders in her hair. She has deep-set eyes and has a scar on the left side of her hairline. She was described as being independent, naturally timid, but talkative. Her family said she often fought with her siblings in 2001 and enjoyed eating peanuts & ramen noodles.

If you have any information about Tionda and Diamond's case, please contact the Chicago Police Department.

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