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Fourteen-year-old Toni left her family's residence in the 900 block of Van Kirk Street in Clairton, Pennsylvania on November 5, 1981. She was headed to a pep rally at her high school, which was located about two blocks from her home.

Toni was last seen walking on Miller Avenue and Mitchell Avenue, across the street from the bar where her mother worked, at approximately 7:15 p.m. She never arrived at the rally and has not been seen again.

The police initially believed Toni ran away from home, but they began to consider other theories after days passed without contact. Toni's mother never believed that her daughter ran away from home; she stated it wasn't in her personality.

Toni's father, Sam Chiappetta, is considered a possible suspect in her case and there were several incidents of domestic violence within the home; investigators believe that Sam was abusing Toni and/or her sisters.

Prior to her disappearance, Toni had wanted to stay away from the house and even lived with her grandmother for a short time during August and September 1981. Sam failed a polygraph test about his daughter's disappearance.

In April of 1982, Toni's mother, Audrey, admitted that she had concealed information about Toni's disappearance from law enforcement.

When she came home the night Toni vanished, the blouse Toni had been wearing when she went to school that day was hanging on the basement laundry line, dripping wet; this strongly indicates that Toni did arrive home from school that evening. Audrey said she didn't tell the police about the blouse before because she was afraid of Sam.

Both of Toni's parents are now deceased, but her sister is still alive and hopes that Toni will be found.

As of 2018, Toni's disappearance remains unsolved and foul play is suspected.

Toni was a ninth-grader at Clairton High School in 1981. She was an average student who volunteered at her church and baby-sat. She enjoyed baton twirling, swimming and dancing. She was described as a responsible teenager, not rebellious & her mother described her as a tomboy.


Toni is described as a Caucasian female with blonde hair, hazel eyes, is 5'2 and weighs 105 pounds. She has pierced ears and a mole on the left side of her neck.

She was last seen wearing a black jacket with "Clairton Band" imprinted on the back, "Toni" imprinted on the front in white letters, and orange trim around the waist & cuffs.

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