I just wanted to express my GRATITUDE for the FACTUAL posting of my dear sweet wife "Rocio Del Pilar Chila Sperry" my 👼🏽 / poor wife,, it wasn't enough for her to be RAPED,, TORTURED (made to call me to say "goodbye and I love you Joseph!!" while the EVIL DEVIL was on top of her with hands around her throat saying you're dead once you tell your husband you love him and GOODBYE!),, STRANGLED her then 10 hrs later returning to the apt to DISMEMBER her,, placing each body lart in a black astic garbadge bag amd then throwing jer remains in the dumpster!! Colorado Springs PD REFUSED to semd a police officer to the apt,, saying that "you told me that your wife is upset,, she said that she misses you when you PRESSED her to explain her DISTRESS in her voice and that she loves you and Amie (our 6 moth old daughter).. upon my return 4 days later,, our neighbor/ FRIEND picked me up from the airport and whem i opened the door,, the FIRST THING I SAW was my wife's hair in a ponytail on the dresser,, that's what this SICK EVIL MONSTER left for me of my wife's remains‼😭😭😢😢 The GUILT I BARE IS BEYOND EMINENCE,, a LIFE SENTENCE,, and how in a lot of articles written about my wife with the MSM kinda like GLORIFYING this / their SICK EVIL FRIEND how they embellish and plain out LIE in THEIR description of my wife Rocio Sperry,, to SELL PAPERS,, with MONEY BEING ROOT OF ALL EVIL and MSM LOVES MONEY and could CARE LESS how they HURT INNOCENT VICTIMS with the TRASH they SPEW when writing about INNOCENT VICTIMS‼ Thank You to ALL who take the time to read about my wife and OTHER INNOCENT VICTIMS that have been STRUCK BY EVIL 😈

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