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1-year-old Vivian's nanny took her on an outing to a local park in Cucuta, Colombia (near the Venezuelan border) on June 21, 1988. She never returned home and has never been heard from again.

After Vivian's disappearance, a $20,000 ransom demand was made. The police apprehended the kidnappers within three days of Vivian's abduction.

One of them was the nanny and the other two were workers at Vivian's father's factory.

They admitted to their crime, but Vivian was not with them and they gave conflicting accounts of her whereabouts.

One story was that the abductors abandoned her in the mountains near El Zulia, Columbia.

Her father went to the location where they had supposedly left her and found a diaper, baby food and one of Vivian's shoes. There was no sign of Vivian at the scene, however.

Later, another conspirator in the kidnapping told her father that Vivian had been sold into adoption in Venezuela or the United States (possibly the Denver, Colorado area).

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is investigating Vivian's case.

Her family believes that she was adopted and is living somewhere in the United States or in Venezuela. Vivian has family members living in Illinois.

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